If I were choosing an architect or designer…

If I were choosing an architect or designer, I’d be wary of ones who jump too quickly to a generic checklist without getting to know me first. If they’re the ones creating the story my home is going to tell, I want them to at least take some time to get to know me.

if i were choosing an architect or designer(Flowers aren’t necessary, patience and listening will do…)

Unfortunately, we don’t always know that we have the option of conveying what we want.  We think the expert knows exactly what we need, so we let them design it for us. Even if we do have an idea, it gets lost in translation because we have no idea how to articulate it in architect-speak.

Architect, bingo, bob borson

(For anyone wanting to learn this elite language, Bob Borson has designed
an entire
Bingo series around “Words Architects Use” … 🙂

Fortunately, I know architects and designers aspire to create more meaningful stories than a checklist alone allow (even the green ones).  They learned how to do this in school.  At least after reading Matthew Frederick’s “101 Things I Learned in Architecture School,” I think they did….

I have worked with them, I read their blogs, I know their heart.  All we need to do is have an inkling of what we like, of the experience we would like to have, the story we would like to tell and let them help us articulate it.

I know this is easier said than done… And, it may not be as much fun as shopping for throw pillows or bath fixtures. But, I’m pretty sure taking the time to dig a little deeper up front will leave you more satisfied than any of the latest trends.

I thought this note from Melody Beattie’s, “Journey to the Heart” might get you thinking about the story you want to tell…

“Choose carefully the possessions you want around you, for they tell a story all day long…. Fill your world, your life, with objects that are beautiful and have special meaning to you. What articles and hues have you surrounded yourself with at home, at work? What stories do these things tell about you? Choose objects and colors that make your heart smile.”

You might also want to read architect / designer blogs to learn more about their mindset, their stories…

How do you get to the heart of your (or your client’s) story?