7 reasons Marni doesn’t need a PR degree

(For today’s new marketing…)

Over lunch, my friend Marni told me she’d been to a career counselor who had recommended going back to school for a degree in Public Relations.  I put my fork down (from a very yummy salad, I might add) and said. “Absolutely not. That’s ridiculous.”

Marketing talk with Marni at Arcadia Farms Scottsdalephoto: via the lovely, Arcadia Farms Cafe

Here’s why:

  1. She has a solid year of consistent blogging under her very stylish belt.
  2. She’s had 6,000 unique visitors.
  3. She’s been asked to guest post twice.
  4. She arranged a TV interview for a jewelry designer on a local TV show.
  5. She regularly receives comments on her blog from well-known bloggers.
  6. She already has a Masters Degree.

She naturally understands how to use social media to build relationships. She produces content that’s true to her, but spends a lot more time promoting, connecting others.

Now, if her counselor had honed in on her passion for blogging and suggested studying social media skills and strategy to enhance her natural ability, that would have been one thing. Instead, she dismissed the blog and recommended a more conventional route. Get another degree.

I’m sure universities are offering outstanding social media classes.  And, I’m sure the professors are great. I just can’t imagine them having more to offer than the ones ALREADY DOING IT.

photo via the quaint, Copper Star Coffee

So, after coffee and a cupcake, I sent her my favorite places to learn about today’s PR.  She promptly replaced her weekly visits to the career counselor with daily visits to Seth Godin’s blog.

Here’s the list I sent Marni. I hope you’ll find it useful and I hope you’ll check out her blog. It’s dreamy.

1. Hubspot. While they sell software that helps measure your site’s effectiveness, they offer incredibly valuable, FREE marketing insight for the small business/marketer/blogger who doesn’t have the luxury of a marketing department or agency to do it for them. Public Relations Marketing Hub is a great start.

2. Social Media Examiner. I’ve attended both Michael Stelzner’s White Paper Boot Camp and Social Media Success Summits and happen to be right in the middle of his Blogging Success Summit (Feb 1st – 22nd).  These are great social media immersions where you’ll meet all the experts and get more tips than you’ll know what to do with. If $300 is a bit pricey, you’ll get equally helpful content from Michael’s blog.

3. ProBlogger. Darren Rowse is a legend. He’s humble, keeps things simple for beginners and wrote 31 Days to a Better Blog. You can download the book for $19.95 and follow it yourself or take an online course.  I’ve taken @MichelleShaeffr and @LisbethTanz’s 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge and highly recommend the next challenge starting March 1st. The only cost is buying the book.

4. David Meerman Scott’s New Rules of PR ebook. This would be a great intro to new PR for anyone. He has lots more ebooks here.

5. Copyblogger specializes in online writing and developing content that connects. It’s thoughtful marketing at its best.

6.Seth Godin is possibly the best marketing blog out there. It’s more philosophy than how-to, mainly about being remarkable in whatever you do… business and life.

7. 750words. You’re going to hear about the importance of consistency. A daily writing practice, whether you’re posting daily or not, will help. Online journaling 750 words a day helps get all the random thoughts out of my mind so when I do sit down to write something productive, I can start with a bit more clarity.

Where do you learn about today’s marketing, PR, blogging?