What am I thankful for?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the latest #LetsBlogOff challenge asks, “What are you thankful for?”

I’m thankful that I realize I have a lot to be thankful for:  I’m healthy, I enjoy my work, I’m able to do almost everything I want to do…maybe not right away, but eventually I get to the places I want to go and the boots I want to buy.  I also have more unconditional love, support and friendship around me than I ever imagined possible.

I’m just not sure exactly what to thank for the ability to appreciate.  Is it innate? Or, is it learned and cultivated through practice?

I think genetics and good parenting have a lot to do with it.  However, while Mom and Dad are always in my heart, they are not waking me up each morning reminding me to be thankful for life’s trials and tribulations.  I’m sure they are thankful others have come along to do that for them:



People, books & experiences I'm thankful for... Top left: yoga teachers, Diana, Lisa, Scott and Joseph ; Below them, quinoa salad from True Food Kitchen ; Center: Mom and me with Dad ; Just below TED: Brene Brown and Seth Godin ; Above and next to Seth's head: bike rides, wrap dresses, boots and cupcakes


There are the insightful writers whose stories keep life in perspective and faith in my heart – Paulo Coelho for The Alchemist ; Po Bronson for What Should I Do with My Life? and Why Do I Love these People? ; Melody Beattie for Journey to the Heart, Rolf Gates for Meditations from the Mat, Elizabeth Gilbert for Eat, Pray, Love and O magazine for introducing me to Suze Orman, Dr. Oz, Martha Beck and A-ha moments.

There are the yoga teachers who’ve passed on traditions, insight and physical ways to practice graceful transitions, balancing strength and flexibility, stepping outside my comfort zone, patient acceptance of where I am and the possibility of where I could go.

There are the thoughtful designers who create better places to live, experiences to enjoy, food that nourishes, ideas that beautify and products that simplify.  I’m particularly thankful for web 2.0 designers.  Without them, I might still be working in a cubicle and might not have experienced the wisdom of Seth Godin on marketing, Brene Brown on vulnerability,  Chris Guillebeau on unconventional living and many “ideas worth spreading” from TED.

This year, I’m especially thankful for the “ideas worth blogging about” from the entire #LetsBlogOff crew.  Thank you for inspiring such thoughtful conversations and welcoming me into your world.  Read what others are thankful for here and consider joining the next #LetsBlogOff challenge.