It’s hard not to laugh at others

If you think the home design community is  “down,” just spend an afternoon reading #Let’sBlogOff (Ideas worth blogging about) posts.  This is a pretty upbeat group of architects, home designers, and contractors.  The latest challenge, “What Makes You Laugh?” should be an easy one for everyone.  I’m especially looking forward to their take on laughing because I struggled with this one.  (Clearly, I need a little levity.)

I know that I don’t do well with mean-spirited laughing at others. I do better with self-deprecation and a light-hearted look at life’s ordinary moments. I laugh a lot with friends who can laugh at themselves because I always see a little of me in them.

But, sometimes … it’s really hard to not laugh at others.

LetsBlogOff What makes you laugh

Like “Elaine dancing on Seinfeld.” Now, that was funny.

It was even funnier because she poured her heart (and entire body) into it.  Who hasn’t been self-conscious on the dance floor? Here’s someone that should be, but went out there and rocked it, oblivious to what anyone else was thinking, because she was loving everything about it.  I laughed, but  I admired her. Sure, I’d want my friends to tell me I was making a fool of myself. But, I’m not sure I’d want them to break my spirit.

Take a break with us today and read what makes others laugh here.