Optimism? It depends on Perspective and PR

The LetsBlogOff crew has posed another interesting question for us to ponder… Is there reason to be optimistic?

Well, considering the doom and gloom this decade delivered, I searched for solace in history. In the midst of WWII, the British government wanted to boost morale and inject a bit of optimism into citizens. What did they do? They hired a PR firm. (The Ministry of Information… PR firm, basically the same thing.)  Their solution was a poster campaign.  The most famous poster (although never publicly posted) was:


Now, this is comforting to some degree. But, it suggests that all I have to do is wait, endure what’s thrown at me and remain calm in the process. It kind of reminds me of:

optimismphoto via blogs.abcnews.com

Good intentions, I’m sure, but it suggests change is being made for me.

Now this poster, the British posted publicly, suggests personal accountability, reminding us that it takes individuals to create a better outcome:

optimismphoto via Zazzle

This one is along the lines of my favorite definition of optimism:

Optimism isn’t about denying reality, it’s about creating a better reality than you’re facing.

This is more comforting to me, because while I have zero control over the challenges and tragedies life will deliver, at least I can control my reaction to them. I’d rather accept that casino online everything that’s happened until now has been part of the process and focus on what is possible.

Optimism is not positive thinking or sitting back and hoping. It requires an objective reality check and some effort.

Which the British reminded citizens of  in the second poster they posted:

photo via Barter Books

Even with all we’ve endured, we still have the gift of freedom. We can choose our reality. It will take effort to manifest it, but it is possible.

One of the greatest outcomes of the last decade was realizing how attached we’d become to the conventional. We took things for granted, stopped questioning our realities and powered through what we thought we were supposed to do and trust who we thought we were supposed to trust. This doesn’t mean we should turn into skeptics. Instead, maybe we should try tuning in to ourselves a bit more, asking what seems right, what we want to do.

I think this decade is leaving us more grounded in gratitude for all we have and open to possibility for what we can create.

The stage has been set for better times ahead. We’re already becoming more accepting of vulnerability, of slowing down and living within our means. We’re more respectful of creativity, of people who step outside their comfort zone and try a different way. Whether they make it or not – at least they tried to make a better reality for themselves.

Maybe the PR campaign for the next decade should be one designed by Matt Jones (via Laughing Squid).


(Starting with a better reality than you’re facing…)

Or, inspired by Matt”s design… there”s always these:



Which will you choose?

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