What I learned while traveling with architects


I have been lucky enough to accompany architects on design tours. My favorite part is watching their creative process. They ask a lot of questions. They take photos of strange things, at interesting angles.

They are constantly sketching. They see multiple uses for the simplest things. Take their journal for instance. It’s typically a Moleskine, or one they’ve been loyal to for years. They’ve likely accumulated so many that rows of them along their shelves have created a display that looks more beautiful than resourceful. I love the intention behind everything they do.

They can even pack efficiently and still be stylish.  Megan, an architect from Australia, traveled with only one smaller than normal carry-on for a two-week trip. That’s it, not even a tote bag. And, she always looked stylish – she had shoes for all occasions –  boots, sandals, heels, tennies (or “runners” as the Aussies call them). She had jackets for all weather conditions. I asked her how in the world she was pulling this off with only one small bag.  She, of course, sketched me her process, which I kept, photocopied for all my friends and still use as a packing guideline. I’ve never been able to achieve her level of efficiency but I give it my best shot.

I’m telling you, the visions in those sketchbooks could probably save the world – or at least make it a lighter, more efficient one.

P.S. If you’d like Megan’s packing list, let me know.