Facebook is like college. In a door-opening, it’s up to you kinda way.

I started today”s #Let”sBlogOff challenge, “Does Facebook create community, or does it isolate?” tempted to make social media right or wrong. But, I didn”t like that approach.  I think social media tools are simply options. Kind of like college. No, they”re not necessary for success, but they do open a whole lot of doors that might not have opened without them.  Also like college, participation alone doesn”t guarantee success.  The experience you have is entirely up to you.

What I appreciate most about social media is its platform for creativity and individuality. Anything that thrives on authentic expression is okay in my book.  Catching a glimpse of what moves and motivates people (and business) encourages me to share what moves and motivates me.

It”s this opening up and encouragement of each other that facilitates connection and community.

And when I don”t like what I see… I realize it”s not my job to judge. My job is to cultivate relationships that enhance my life.  The beauty of social media is that I have the option to Friend, Like, Tweet and actually meet whomever I choose.  I appreciate the opportunity to cross paths with people I would never had met before these tools came along.  They”ve brightened my day, made me think bigger and want to strive to be better.

This presents powerful possibility for business.   We simply don”t trust business the way sultiplesbonus.org we used to. We”d rather get guidance from friends than brands. So, businesses that consider using social media to reach out, or at least embrace the call to have  a more candid, beyond-product dialogue with customers, now have the opportunity to develop stronger, longer-lasting relationships than ever before.

That”s just my opinion. Here are 7 reasons to ponder involvement in social media from expert futurist, Faith Popcorn… One of which is,

“In the past, you were what you owned, now you are what you share.”

And, here are 4 businesses I think are creating community and connections well beyond what they could have done before social media graced us with its presence:

Small town boutique launches 10 Tees to Change the World


All Things Jeep goes Topless and rallies fans around the world

Boot Barn turns Stinky Boots into a problem to be proud of


Why I Love my Hardie-Home contest.
Winner receives $9,000 from James Hardie building products

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