Creativity & finding your cool face

A friend gave me a silver bracelet with the  Cesare Pavese quote, “We do not remember days, we remember moments.”  Ever since, I’ve tried to pay attention to moments that touch me in some way.   This week, and today especially, I remember the moments that reminded me to lighten up and indulge in the things I typically put off because I have something more “serious, always work-related” to do. Life shouldn’t be such a chore. I think the best way to remember those who’ve passed is to embrace and enjoy every single moment we have in this life.  Especially the little ones….

Here are 11 moments I enjoyed this week:

1. From the book, Journey to the Heart:  “Allow your creativity to blossom. For too long you have held back.  Let yourself play – with life, with work, with projects. When you find your connection to creativity, the entire universe will come alive for you.”

2. Life of an Architect / Blogger, Bob Borson’s first video attempt. Love his humility, humor, that he has a “cool face” and for making me ponder what mine would be…

3. Watching  The Sundance Channel’s The Day Before follow designer, Diane von Furstenburg before her big Fashion Week show.  I could hang with her. Literally. She’s in her 60’s and started off the segment hanging upside down in a yoga pose. Afterward, she said, “I woke up feeling 120. Now I feel liberated.” She’s grateful for every gift she’s been given and uses her life to empower women to, “be proud to be you.”

4. Discovering Let’s Blog Off .  Thank you for cultivating creativity, comraderie and consideration toward thoughtful  topics.  Mark your  calendar so you can participate in the next one, September 21.

5. Lisbeth and Michelle for leading the 31daysblogchallenge.   They’ve taken the time to walk lots of newbie bloggers through ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog program. I can only imagine the amount of time it’s taken. Thank you for taking on the challenge, commenting on all of our blogs and answering all of our questions.

6. When a friend asked me what career I would choose if I could do it all over again.  I said a stylist, he said he’d be a children’s heart surgeon. (Jeez, I didn’t know he was talking about that kind of job!) My sister has been raving about Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project (Hollywood’s hottest stylist). I finally watched it this week. Now, I don’t know that I would want her life… but I’d be pretty happy with her coats, hats and boots. Thank you Dena, for introducing me to a whole new level of style and thank you Rachel, for giving me an idea for a”cool face.”

7. As my yoga teacher watched me struggle with incredibly tight shoulders (another reason to take more breaks from the laptop), he said, “It’s okay, it’s a  good thing. These (my shoulders) are a long-term project, it doesn’t have to be done tomorrow.”

8. Watching my friends launch new businesses that really capture who they are.  Shelly’s WholeSum Fitness , Amanda’s Sydney Small Business Centre and Jen’s Inti Yoga Shala.  Now, if we can just figure me out 🙂

9. Marni’s blog for introducing me to so many cool designers like Kelley Moore, (a social worker-turned lifestyle expert), FrankiDurbin, (a corporate branding / style expert) , Tobi Fairley (an interior designer that holds Design Camps for real people).  All of these have reminded me that it’s okay to have fun with this blogging thing.  The beauty of it is its platform for creative expression…

10.I found this look at A Cup of Jo.  Luv the hat, luv the socks, luv the boots.  Style doesn’t have to be about brands or having to have anything. It’s just another way to express yourself. If you have fun with it, go for it.

11. And, a poem a friend posted on Facebook remembering today:

Many lost a loved one
Many lost dear friends
Nine years on all remember
And wonder when hatred ends

Though no justice can ever be exacted
We honor the fallen today
Those innocents callously taken
And heroes lost to the grey

I hope you remember some great moments this week.