Luv-filled shop uses shirts & social media to spread vision

Chances are, if you’re a girl and I’ve given you a gift in the past couple of years, it’s been from Its a Luv Thing.  This small, beachy shop in Leucadia, California has become my sure thing for thoughtful gifts.  Even though I’m a regular customer, I did not know the story behind the shop until I read the blog article posted on their Facebook page.

Now that I know it I feel more connected to Kami. (See how this works? It’s like I know the owner now).  I was so touched by her story that I’m writing about it and sharing it with my friends.

This is exactly how a business broadens its opportunities beyond its local community and deepens relationships within it. I’m happy to see her taking her business online and using social media to spread her vision and Luv story.

Kami started her career as a young men’s sportswear buyer for Nordstrom. She got to know the world of surf T-shirts pretty well.

After discovering her daughter had leukemia, she made a vow with God that she would do her best to spread love if her daughter was spared, and she was.

The store became Kami’s outlet to not only share her creative ideas, but also some of her spiritual ones.   The shop is known for t-shirts with inspiring messages, in unique styles that fit really well and are reasonably priced (most are under $50).

Check out Kami’s new collection of tees called 10 Tees to Change the World. I can’t think of a better place to start holiday shopping (they’ll be here before you know it.)

And while you’re there, here are some more any-occasion gift options:

Love and peace on your sleeve – I’ve bought this in different versions.  It has perfect, just a little too long sleeves, cozy fit and fabric.

My friend Lori and I gave each other the Karma bracelet. I wear it with my Moments bracelet and sandalwood mala beads almost everyday.

I just happened to be wearing the Camo Heart cap when I found her story. Sometimes Facebook diversions can be productive.











I might have to check out the Motorcycle Twill Skinnies and her new knit bikinis.   Not for me necessarily but, now that I’ve taken up knitting, maybe it will inspire me to make them for my friends …  more exciting than socks, right?



P.S. If you happen to be in the area, she’s offering 15% off for bringing in a painted or heart shaped rock for her garden.  I know this because I found it on It’s a Luv Thing’s Facebook page. “Like” it and you’ll know stuff like this too.