Survey suggests skills for architect success

Construction, communication, collaboration and ecology… here are a few of the answers I received when I asked architects, “What skills should architects be cultivating for success?”

  • Construction, engineering, marketing, design, and computer drafting.
  • Study ecology. Study how the earth is a fragile eco-system.
  • Build skills to take one’s passion to new heights. Get it out to the media.
  • The modern architect requires a greater understanding of the associated trades that build the projects we design.
  • Engineering, build it green components, energy analysis and good design priciples will set the modern architect ahead of the rest.
  • Good public speaking, drawing and writing skills: a solid set of communicative skills that rises above the crowd.

One architect suggested young architects head back to school for a business degree… While that may not be possible, a class or two on accounting, public speaking and drawing couldn’t hurt, along with an easy-to-read reference on marketing, lifestyle trends and human mindset.