Survey suggests opportunities for architects


When blogging for Inside the Exterior, I posted a surveyed asking architects, “What are the opportunities for architects today?”

Here are the highlights:

Take a leadership role, get involved in shaping the future, be creative in getting your  ideas out there. (I have faith you’ll do better than this mobile billboard in Paris, but it caught your eye, didn’t it?

  • Understand the market is being driven by consumer trends.
  • Pick up a hammer. Become a “small scale master builder” and be involved in the full aspect of design and building in a manageable human scale.
  • Opportunities lie in remodeling. Do so with sustainable products and clever uses of space.
  • Assume leadership roles in community oriented design efforts.  Communities are starving for objective, effective leaders who can separate reality from hype and deliver relevant solutions.
  • Render an idea, share it with others, express, dream, invent.  Designing a “far-out” structure, then figuring out how to build it…this is “American Ingenuity.”

Do you agree?