Graceful transitions

"Dance" sculpture in Phoenix, Arizona

So, I’m thinking about what’s next… It amazes me how when you have something on your mind, related things, people, messages come into your life. Check it out:

  • Last Wednesday afternoon, I’m at the library, Googling around and discover 3 blogs and 5 articles, all written by architects, all with the same message I’d been trying to convey in Inside The Exterior.  I was so excited and inspired because I had been struggling, wondering if my message was connecting with architects (the intended audience for James Hardie’s blog.)
  • Wednesday night, I stay up until 1 am writing 3 architects + 5 articles = all the answers, tweeted it to all 3 architects, all 3 responded, thanking me for continuing the conversation. I wasn’t sure how we’d collaborate, but thought there was possibility…
  • Thursday afternoon, I received a call from  James Hardie’s marketing department  saying they needed to end the blog.  My only thought was, “Hhhmm, how am I going to continue the discussion with architects?”
  • Friday, I didn’t have time to think about it… I had other deadlines.
  • Saturday, I skipped yoga, went for a hike, then watched my nieces fearlessly dance their hearts out at a recital.
  • Fathers Day started on the back of my dad’s motorcycle, with a ride to Starbucks, followed by the A-Team and In-N-Out burgers. (It was the least I could do after all the girl movies and tofu he’s endured for me.)
  • Monday, I wrote the “Goodbye” article.  I’ve struggled with the timing of this because I have architect interviews scheduled for the blog.  I still want to get their stories out but I’m not sure how to make that happen.
  • I remembered a passage from Melody Beattie’s Journey to the Heart (a book dedicated to, “people on the path of discovering and trusting their soul… and those involved in creative endeavors, including artists, writers, healers” (and I’d add architects):

“It’s okay not to know what we want, what’s next, or what we think our lives will look like down the road…sometimes the reason we don’t know is that what’s coming is going to be very different from anything we’ve experienced before. Even if we knew, we couldn’t relate to it, it’s that new and that different. It’s a surprise.”

  • Tuesday night,  What is Design?, by Jody Brown of Coffee with an Architect arrived via email.  He compares design with ma” a japanese word for the interval of time between two things. I thought it was interesting that in the West , we don’t even have a word for this. We’re expected to push forward, with a plan in place, an outcome firmly in mind.  Wikipedia calls not having a word for this space, a  “serious omission.” I agree.
  • This morning, I woke up at 3 am with this article and  graceful transitions on  my mind.   In the yoga that I practice, all the poses are connected, we move from one to another, with intention, slowly, not rushing, with smooth, steady breath. It’s the transitions that give the practice its comfort, grace, ease.

So, I’m not going to worry about what’s next.  Instead, I’m going to slow down and focus on graceful transitions.  I’ll transfer my efforts to my site (the one I’ve been neglecting). I’ll keep writing about creativity and connecting with humans vs “consumers.”   I’ll stay grounded in gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had and everything I’ve learned. I’ll stay open to grace and look forward to the possibilities (and surprises) ahead.

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