Are architects on hold? What CNN, Curtis & Andy say

Is the architect profession on hold?  CNN’s “Masterpieces on hold” article suggests that it is… Sure, the big-scale-creative-showcase opportunities are few and far between. Most of the article’s comments are arguing the need for such elaborate structures in the first place.

But, the bigger problem is in George Miller’s, president of the American Institute of Architects, statement:

“It’s really difficult … for students coming out of school to find appropriate positions … we’re afraid that we’re going to lose a generation of architects.”

What is the architect profession doing to really cultivate the skills young architects will need going forward?   What can we do to re-brand the architect as a problem-solver-for-human-beings, vs masterpiece-creator-for-display?

How are we connecting with the young architects who would love nothing more than to feel they’re making a difference in the world?  Do they really understand the power they have through design to affect how we live in our home, our community, our city, our world?  Can we re-position creativity as cool when it’s simplistic, sensible and centered around the experience it will offer?

Here are several articles & interviews that suggest all kinds of opportunity for young (and older) architects:

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How should we go about re-branding the architect-as-entrepreneur?