3 architect blogs + 5 articles = all the answers

Blogging can be lonely. You start off excited, you write, you post, you tweet, you hope for comments… When they don’t come, you start questioning your intent, does anyone care, who am I to do this….and on and on. But today, sitting in the library, I found inspiration in the form of 3 blogs and 5 articles, all by architects, all speaking my language. Suddenly, I don’t feel so lonely anymore. Maybe I’m even on to something.

It started when I found a question posted by Derek Leavitt of Modative Modern Architecture on AIA’s LinkedIn Discussion Group. I checked out his blog and thought, this guy is reading my mind…he even had the same thought process I did when starting (Inside the Exterior) a blog for architects. In his article, Rules for an Architect’s Blog, he says:

“Then there were architecture blogs. The kind by professional writers/bloggers that showcase various architecture projects and use complex language to describe them. That’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something different – to educate the general public on what architects do.”

Then he says he hadn’t found any architect blogs he liked but had found direction from a few non-architect blogs such as Seth Godin’s Blog (the only blog I read everyday) and thought,

“Were any architects inspiring people through their blog, rather than just showcasing their work?”

He noted a few like-minded architect blogs have since emerged: Life of an Architect and Coffee with an Architect. I checked them out and found all kinds of resources (and validation for the need) for cultivating the skills architects have been telling me are necessary in today’s market:

  • business/entrepreneurial skills – find a need and fill it, create a unique niche, basic Accounting has even been mentioned
  • the ability to sketch, draw by hand
  • creatively getting your message out
  • clear, engaging communication skills

If architects just read these 5 articles from these 3 architect blogs, they’d find all of the answers for achieving all of the above:

1) Rules for an Architect’s Blog
The story of how Derek Leavitt’s, Modative blog evolved – “over several years, a chance encounter, and a bunch of mediocre posts before our architecture blog became even moderately readable” – could also be titled, “10 Rules for Creative, Clear Communication.”

2) Architects & Creative Professionals, Is it Time to Rethink Your Resume?
Derek minored in Business, and it shows here. This is not your typical “22 tips to a better resume.” These are 22 tips that will become your branding/creating your own niche/marketing bible.

3) How to Start an Architecture Firm
While I’m hearing over and over how important business/entrepreneurial skills are for today’s architect…Derek and Modative have already created the how-to-book.

4) You Should Sketch Everyday
Almost every architect I’ve interviewed says they’re disappointed to see young architects not interested in or able to draw by hand. Some specifically look for this skill before they hire. Jody Brown’s Coffee with an Architect blog inspires sketching, seeking influence outside of architects, avoiding design competitions and more….

5) How to spot a hippie
Bob Borson’s blog, Life of an Architect, is a great example of “seeing the world through the architect eye.” He’s not only AIA’s 2009 Young Architect of the Year, he’s really funny. His hippie article spoke to me personally. While riding my bike to yoga one morning, a little boy pointed to me and said, “Hippie” to his Mom. I wondered what gave it away – the bike, the yoga mat or my messy, curly hair. I also find myself dabbling in a diet w/o meat, dairy, sugar…A friend recently told me, “You need to eat some chicken, you’re getting that drawn, dried-out look…” Exactly what Bob says happens to the hippies of today…

I’m not sure he’ll influence my diet, but I know Bob, Derek and Jody will continue to influence and encourage my passion to help architects embrace possibility!