About Inside The Exterior, a blog for architects


(Note: August, 2010 – As things do, marketing objectives shifted at James Hardie and the blog, Inside the Exterior – a blog for architects, was put to rest. However, the experience inspired me to continue encouraging creativity, entrepreneurial skills & spirit through ThoughtfulContent”s blog.

About Inside the Exterior:

This blog (designed for James Hardie, for architects) is about possibility. It was inspired by the movie, “500 Days of Summer,” a love story (not about love) where an aspiring architect shows the girl of his dreams how good it could be – life, love and Los Angeles.

It’s written out of respect for designers, architects and creative professionals of all kinds who see possibility where others casino online see chaos. These individuals make the ordinary, extraordinary. They look at problems holistically and see multiple uses for the simplest things. They ask a lot of questions. They take photos of strange things, at interesting angles. They are constantly sketching.

The visions in their Moleskine could probably save the world.  (Actually, the courage to implement those visions will be what really saves the world.)

I hope to encourage designers, architects and the creative genius in all of us to recognize opportunity, to be courageous and move the ideas from Moleskine to Main Street.  Together, let’s make people notice how good it can be, create some great places and even better lives.