Curves, shifts and crisis – barriers making us better

As a marketer and reluctant, Optimist, I’m intrigued and inspired by the changes technology, the economy and our mindset are forcing us to deal with. While we used to be able to push through and just do what everyone else is doing, genuine barriers like

– learning curves (the blog’s up, now what am I going to say?),
– power shifts (media to corporate; corporate to consumer),
– identity crisis (you can’t fake it anymore)

are forcing us to reflect on who we want to be, how we market and how we engage our targets (also known as “humans”).

While change is hard, regardless of experience or budget, embracing instead of resisting it can create some pretty great realities. Here are just a few:

1. Opportunity. Anyone can participate regardless of budget or size.
2. It’s not about you. It’s about them. You have to care. Genuinely.
3. Creativity and individuality are considered good things.
4. Forced reflection vs typical reaction. Those jumping on the bandwagon without a true strategy will struggle. Another opportunity for differentiation.
5. It lets others sell for you. And isn’t that so much more powerful (and rewarding) than having to sell yourself?
6. The bright light it’s shining on the need for meaningful marketing content. Everyone has it, you just have to uncover and unleash it.